How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts.

Hello Friends, In this Article we will discuss about How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts. When developing killer content for your blog or website, do you want to know how to write SEO friendly articles and make blog posts attractive so that your visitors visit your blog often? As you know there are millions of blogs in the internet world and new blogs are being added to it every day.

SEO friendly articles: But do you know that most blogs do not even get 1000+ visitors per month. And we are sure that you do not want to fall into that category. Instead, you want to improve the quality of your blog so that it can drive a lot of traffic every month.

Do you know why a blog fails? The only reason is lack of quality materials. Those blogs do not contain attractive content. Therefore it is most important to remember that you need to write quality content for your blog.

Having a compelling blog post is another key to successful blogging. First go through some of the key materials on successful blogging. Then we will discuss the most important thing ” How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts “.

Do you know, today’s environment is content based? A few years ago anyone with any kind of content could rank on the first page of Google. But now Google is very smart and only ranks pages that have relevant high-quality content. So let’s discuss the major content of writing a engaging blog posts.

There are two main ideas to writing a engaging blog posts:

  1. How to create quality content that will engage, entertain and ultimately drive conversions.
  2. How to make that content available to a wider audience.

As most of the web traffic comes from search engines, creating content optimized for search visibility is one of the best ways to get your name in the world. Although traditional marketing has considered these two concerns to be different, they are a part of the integrated content strategy that makes SEO a factor at a very early stage, creating content that basically makes writing a SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts .

A high SEO ranking can take your content out of ambiguity and expose it to a new reader. But today’s audiences are smart, and simply linking your article to keywords will only serve to turn off readers.

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts | SKR Creations

How to Makes a Good articles ?

While truly great writing cannot be taught, good writing certainly can. As a marketer, you are ultimately a storyteller, expressing your brand’s story through different mediums and coming back to different audiences. Now all you have to do is translate this skill to the page.

Here are some best practices for creating SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts:

  • Use concrete examples: Nothing gives more power than strong, relative examples. Avoid purely theoretical, using case studies to talk about product success or focus on the customer’s story. Find points of connection in news or pop culture to give your reader a frame of reference. These tangible stories will stay with them for longer than facts or numbers.
  • Don’t hide your voice: One of the best things about your brand is to give it a unique voice. Don’t be weird (if you’re funny), bizarre, a little weird too. It can be helpful to read the piece aloud to see if it sounds like you. Your real voice is your greatest asset. Yes, you need to follow the standard of professionalism appropriate to your industry, but the more you look like a human being, the more people will want to connect with you – by purchasing your service, posting it again, commenting.
  • Know your audience: Your blog is not your diary, nor is it a cross memo. Make sure you choose the appropriate language for the language you are addressing. If you are writing for a large audience, stay away from jargon. Keep paragraphs short and on-point and break up difficult-to-understand content into digestible concepts. Include links to examples that will help clarify the work.

How to write SEO friendly articles ?

SEO friendly articles: Keeping those tips in mind, designing a good article should be simple. Now to address the next piece of the puzzle looked at its contents. With cross-posting and social media, optimizing your content for search engines is a proven way to put your work in front of a new audience.

By optimizing your content to appear more frequently in search engine recommendations, you will increase both the visibility and credibility of your brand.

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts | SKR Creations

Some ways to create good SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts:

  • Choose Organic: Including highly visible, popular SEO keywords in your articles is one of the best ways to drive your recommendations.
  • Keywords: These keywords need to be included in a way that seems organic to the topic. They should not stand or disturb the reader. Readers, especially those who spend a lot of time in the digital world, are extremely noticeable if you fill your work with words that you hope will increase visibility.
  • Keyword Placement: Make sure that you optimize the placement of keywords in your SEO articles by putting them in your title and subtitle. Create a hierarchy of keywords and use the most search generating front. Be sure to use your most important keywords in the title.
  • Image: Include images with full text to show your pages in image searches. Images will break text dynamically. Image- driven content is playing more and more as a digital marketing technique and is particularly compatible with viral content.

How to write engaging blog posts ?

Some points to remember when writing a blog post are:

Purpose of your blogging

While the most important question you should ask yourself is what is the purpose of your blog. Before starting your blog and after saying this question your objective can be anything like sharing your knowledge with the world.

It can get web traffic to sell your information, products such as books and courses, or perhaps to earn money from advertisements using Google Adsense or affiliate marketing. What if your blogging objective is to provide high quality engaging information?

Remember that everything starts with price and quality and the same applies for blogging. When you have achieved that you will get more traffic to your blog. This will serve your blogging purpose. Therefore, find your purpose in blogging and work on it.

Distribute high quality information

The information you provide on your blog post must be correct. Re-check all facts about the subject before publication.

If the information given is incorrect and not relevant to the topic, you may lose your readers. Nobody will trust you and would like to read your blog post. Always ensure that all information provided by you is correct in all aspects.

Learn about the copyright issue

Copyright is another big point you should consider when writing a blog post. Some people copy and paste the information from elsewhere. They copy the information from a research paper, school assignment or other websites and paste it the same way.

You cannot copy and paste information. This can eliminate copyright issues raised by the owner of the source where you copy that information. Remember that this is a legal issue about the law that can end your headache and a major concern.

The reason for this is that you have to study and refine the information on the subject that you will write in your post. This will increase your knowledge and expertise on the subject. You will come with authentic and valuable information.

The best way to overcome the copyright problem is to write your thoughts and expression on the subject and then write a new article, which you can publish under your brand.

You have written it yourself instead of copying and pasting another’s article or other material. Everyone has their own way of telling a story. When you really tried to get your story out it would be unique and you would be protected from copyright issues.

You can refer to many sources of information on topics that you will write as references. When you have enough knowledge and you write your opinion on that subject and tell your story in your own style.


After publishing a blog post on your blog the next thing is communication. Always allow your users to comment on your posts so that you can interact with them. This allows you to ask your readers questions or they can do the same. This will build a trust factor among your readers.

This is a good idea to connect your readers with your blog post. This will encourage readers to connect emotionally with you and your blog. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, it will force them to republish your blog.

Email is another way to connect your readers with your post. You can collect their emails using any of the third-party plugins and send them emails regularly. We will discuss this technique further about promoting your blog section.

Stay updated

In the field of blogging, you need to stay updated. Always post trending topics on your blog so that people feel that you provide the latest content. This will help you build your authority and trust factor among your visitors.

When you want to update, you also have to update your content. Always advertise the latest information for your blog post so that visitors get the right content.

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts | SKR Creations

10 Fundamentals for Writing a Great Attached Blog Post

Always remember that writing a compelling article is the most important part if you want to start a blog. Either you are creating an informational blog or an affiliate blog.

1. Write an attractive headline

Do you know that only 20 percent of the people reading your title read the article? Therefore its headline will often play a major role in making or breaking your blog post.

2. Include Sub-Title

For each blog post, there should be a title you want to highlight. Also you need some subheading according to your blog post.

Subheading is just as important as the title. So expose them. Create a hierarchy of headings and subheadings so that it connects the user to your content. Use H1, H2, H3 H4 as headings and subheadings.

3. Tell a Story

Now you have a catchy title that brings visitors to your blog post. After receiving visitors to your posts, now is the time to engage them with your article.

In this case, the story acts like a cham. Write your blog post in such a way that your user feels that they are reading a story. The introduction of your article should be written in such a way that your visitors like to read the entire article.

Tell your reader by sharing or sharing your personal experience with them. Tell readers what you include in this article. Also, tell them that they will get their solution at the end of their article.

4. How long should your content be?

Before publishing the first material, ask yourself two questions:

  1. How long should your content be?
  2. What should it look like ?

According to one study, a longer article is more likely to rank. But this does not mean that you have to write a long article. It depends on the subject you are writing on. Always think like a user. If your reader is satisfied with your content then it is best for your ranking, either short or long.

Your content should not be too short or too long. Always remember that you should satisfy your reader. But your content needs to be tall enough to get an advantage in ranking and readers can be able to read it within a short period of time.

If you write your content with more words, it breaks into headings and sub-sections. This helps the reader find the section they want to read instead of searching for the entire post.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing an attractive blog post:

  • Short cut
  • Use list (bullet points)
  • Highlight Blod Text
  • Relevant images
  • Quotes if necessary

5. Add Images to Your Blog Post

Adding images to your blog posts creates more informative content. According to one study, the human brain is more attracted to images than text.

This is why pictures play an important role when writing blog posts. If your blog post has some relevant pictures then it encourages users to stay and read your blog post longer.

When a reader comes to your blog post, only the first part of that blog post is visible to him. If your blog post is a long one, add a picture in the introductory section describing the whole topic. This helps the user find the information he is searching for and he likes to read more.

6. Write the attached content

If you want more traffic to your blog, then you need to write the content that users are looking for. Give a solution to their problem so that they like your content. Always do proper keyword research before publishing a blog post. Choosing the wrong keywords will negatively impact your blog.

For example, if you are writing content on a subject, but no one is searching or your content is of no use. So write on the subject that people are looking for.

Avoid a lot of search engine optimization techniques as it will destroy your site. Always keep your keywords and LSI keywords the natural way. Do not customize more. Remember that, user acceptance is the key factor for blog post ranking. Your readers will decide whether your post is relevant or not. So try to talk as a user.

7. Include Video

We have already discussed the importance of adding images to blog posts. Adding videos related to your blog posts makes it more attractive because people like to watch video tutorials. This is one of the major factors for on-page SEO which reduces bounce rate and helps it rank higher on Google.

8. Interlinking

The most important thing is to link to your blog post within your site. This makes the article more relevant and provides the user of proper navigation on your site.

Also, it helps the user to find complete information and when a user clicks on that link, it redirects to your other posts which reduces bounce rate. This is a sign for Google that your site has great content and Google starts listing your posts.

9. Schedule your blog post

According to one study, blog posts are being shared more on weekends than on work days. There is also a full day time period.

It depends on the location you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting a country like India, where people are more active in the late evening hours. So consider posting your content in the evening.

This is most important to consider when publishing your content. If you publish your content according to your readers’ leisure time, it is more likely to be shared.

10. Share your article

Today’s world is all about sharing. Whether it is a blog post or a YouTube video. Always, give your user the option to share your content on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

If your blog posts valuable information, it is likely to be shared. There are many social media sharing plugins available that you can use in your blog. This will easily share your post.

Importance of adding images

Adding relevant posts to blog posts plays an important role in creating SEO friendly posts. Blogposts with images and texts are more attractive to your readers. There are many benefits of adding pictures to your blog posts that contribute to the success of a blog.

Advantages of adding images to your blog posts:

  • Search engine: When people search for a specific term in Google, SERP results show sites both with images and without images. According to one study, people are more likely to visit a website than a site with an image.
  • Website traffic: You know that traffic is the most important part to build a successful blog. Blog posts containing images contain 90% of the traffic in a search result. So always add relevant pictures to your blog post.
  • High engagement: Having pictures on a blog post helps readers to engage more in a blog post than a post without images. Pictures have psychological effects on readers that help them engage in blog posts.
  • Confidence: Adding quality images to a blog post makes it reliable and people love this kind of content. Sometimes images help define specific parts of a post. It helps readers to interact with the subject. Also, it encourages the reader to read the entire article.
  • Conversion: Sometimes your blog posts are promoting your services or products. A blog post contains images with information about your product that create high chances of getting sales. It reaches your readers to the customer. There are some important things – why you should add images to your blog post. If you want to become a successful blogger then you have to understand the power of images. This will increase web traffic and help build a relationship with your readers.

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts ?

There are many pro tips from which you can write a fascinating blog post. Just follow these rules when writing a blog post:

Write with passion

When readers read your blog post, they may feel that you have read the content with passion or not. If you have an enthusiasm for the topic and writing to share your best experiences, people will love reading your content. This is the result of converting your readers into a subscriber. So always write with passion and try to give your best when writing blog posts

Use Keywords

Now you know how relative keywords are important to rank up your blog post by the search engines such as Google. Your blog post content should be keyword reach including Title, headlines, and subheadings.

Adding keywords in the first and last few sentences helps your post to be crawled by search engine spiders. Whether you are writing on a technical topic or non-technical topic, content should not be boring.

To engage your readers until the end It can be a little bit entertaining. You can add some personal stories for non-technical contain while for technical content you can have a few fun moments.

Use Bullet Lists And Short Paragraphs

Sometimes stress gets distracted by reading a lengthy paragraph. It may happen to anybody. Short paragraphs are always better to read and understand one point at a time.

Also, you can list your key parts with a bullet list to help the reader go through the advantages and disadvantages. Great content engages readers till the end.

Use simple language

Simple language means that one date articles are words that people around the world can easily understand. There are articles written in simple language and there are no articles in such simple language.

It should not be written for language masters. An article should avoid complex words that require a dictionary to find its meaning. Simple language blog posts help engage readers so they can read to the end.

Audiences and readers will understand what you are talking about:

  • The main purpose of writing articles is to convey your message to your readers. Follow these two things to reach the readers.
  • Your content should have a simple language that is easy to read.
  • The next readers are looking for content that is simple.
  • Whenever people search for a particular information on Google, they have a lot of options to choose from within the search result.
  • People easily understand information. He realized this when he read the first few lines on a blog post.
  • They leave the page if they do not understand the information due to complex words. They will try another post with simple language.
  • Now it is in reference to a simple language. When the reader reads the first few lines of your blog post, he decides whether or not he will read the article to the end.
  • The first few lines in simple language increase the likelihood of reading the article at the end.
  • It helps to engage your audience which is the subject of this article.
  • If your blog post content does not contain a simple language and contains too many complex words it will stop the readers reading and they will move to another website.
  • If the content of your blog post is well written in a simple language and organized with headings and subheadings, you will engage your readers on bullet lists and key points with some relevant images and relevant hyperlinks and a Successful blogging business will do.
  • Remember that your writing style will determine how much success you will achieve in the long run.
  • Hence the focus is on engaging readers and turning them into repeat customers.

Benefits of writing content in simple language

Now you have written a great and engaging article which is ready to be published. But before you hit the publish button you have to remember some important rules.

Spelling mistake and grammatical error

Grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes can negatively affect your blog post. Now Google is so smart that it can find any errors in your blog posts.

If there are any grammatical or spelling errors on your blog post, Google will penalize you and your post is not going to rank on any search engine. So always before publishing the content, revise your entire article for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. If there are some, improve them.

But doing so manually is not an easy task. For that, you can use some third-party extensions available for both Google Chrome or Firefox.

You can also use it on your blog posts. This is a free and paid version. But the free version is enough for a new bee blogger. If you want more features, you can buy the premium version, but we do not recommend you pay.

Publish Your Blog Post

Always provide high-quality content to your readers. When this was done, confidently press the publish button. Make your creative work available to your audience around the world. If you find an error you can always come back later and update your article.

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Final words

We hope you find this information helpful in various blog posts. We have gone through some valuable suggestions How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts. But having knowledge does not work unless you use it. Apply them to writing SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts so that you see the benefits as your blog grows over time.

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