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Top 10 best free website builders 2020

Hello Friends, In this article we will discuss about Top 10 best free website builders 2020. We will give you a brief description of Top 10 best free website builders 2020. Also, we are going to compare all the service providers for you.

If you are looking for the best and free website builders that are the best, but for free you are in the right place. We will discuss all the necessary information from basic. So that it helps you choose the best among the Top 10 best free website builders 2020.

In this article, we have discussed the Top 10 best free website builders 2020. Read the full article to get a complete overview. Know the basics first before proceeding to the main topic.

What is Website Builders ?

Website builder: As the name suggests, the platform used to create a website is called a website builder. There are many types of website builders. You can use one of them to build your site.

If you need to create a website or blog, then you have to get enough knowledge of many programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, Java etc., but if you do not know any of them, you will not be able to create it.

What to do in that case? Don’t worry, there are many website builders available in the market. By using these you can make your site very easy.

If you believe that building a website with these website builders may be wrong for you.

It is very easy to use and you can only create a site using drag and drop technology. There are many free website builders available in the market. You can use them. Below we have discussed the best of them.

Benefits Of Using Free Website Builders in 2020

Benefits Of Using Free Website Builders: It is not mandatory that everyone wants to create a website that has programming skills. They can be from a background other than technology. It is not always possible for everyone to learn languages ​​like HTML or Java.

It takes time and experience to learn and build a website. This does not mean that you can create a website in which you do not have programming skills. There is always another way for every problem.

If you need to create your own site for business purpose or you just want to create a personal blog then you can do so. In addition, many professionals are ready to do this for you.

You can hire any professional with enough knowledge to create a website for you. They will create a beautiful website for you according to your needs.

But the main problem is that they charge too much. If you want to build your site for any business and you have enough money to invest without any problem. You can hire a professional.

But if you do not have much money to invest in them and you want to build a website on your own. There are many free website builders available in the market to use.

You do not need any professional knowledge to use them. These platforms are built in such a way that anyone can use them. Even a child can create a site using these website builders.

You just have to choose a layout and build your site using drag and drop technique. Creating a website is very easy and fun in these free website builders.

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Top 10 best free website builders 2020

Best Free Website Builders: As we mentioned above, currently there are many free website builders available in the market. Using these you can create your dream website without any programming knowledge.

In this article, we have selected and expanded the Top 10 best free website builders 2020 currently working. If you want to know everything about them then read this entire article.

Those 10 Website Builders Are:

  7. Yola
  8. Webnode
  10. Sitey

If you feel that reading the entire article is a waste of your time, then see the table below and decide.


Best Free Website Builders In 2020

site123: If you are searching for free website builders, is the most popular among all. It provides great services to you. It is one of the easiest website builder. Just choose your template and start building your website.


SITE123 is the most advanced and easiest to use website builder currently available on the market. They will manage everything from your website structures to design so that you only need to focus on your content.

The website editor of SITE123 is more efficient than other drag and drops to other website builders in the market. Create an amazing website and set up your online business with the help of a content management system.

The main features of are:

  • Website Editor – No coding is required to create a website
  • Mobile friendly website with fully responsive interface
  • Free secure web hosting
  • Get Premium SEO Tools
  • Add a custom domain to your site
  • Create an online store and sell worldwide. also provides 24/7 customer support. They have been claimed by Site123 to be the best and easiest website builder among all. You can try it once.

If you need any assistance you can ask the live chat support of SITE123 and they will guide you to build a successful website.


Best Free Website Builders In 2020

Weebly is one of the best website builders compared to others. You can create a professional website using Weebly. It gives you completely free services.

Also, you will have thousands of customizable webpage designs and hundreds of useful tools available to develop your online business. You can easily create a site with the help of and start your online journey.

Weebly will help you choose the right tool and manage your site from start to development. Weebly + Square will give you the freedom to sell anything from anywhere at any time.

As we know Weeley is now a part of the Square product suite. This assures that you will never miss your customer. If you are building an e-commerce site, Square takes care of all payments on your behalf.

So you don’t have to worry and you can only focus on your business. Weebly simplifies your online business life. Four G technology always comes which is Get Going, Get Online, Get Selling, Get Growing.

  • Get Going: Easily create a website with free website builders.
  • Get Online: Setting up and managing your business website is very easy.
  • Get Selling: You will get premium eCommerce tools to simplify your order management, product shipping and payment.
  • Get Growing: With the help of integrated marketing tools it is always easier to find new customers, that too with Facebook ads and automated email campaigns.

In this way, Weebly is also one of the best free website builders among Top 10 best free website builders 2020. If you are interested in creating an e-commerce website, you can consider Weebly.

Best Free Website Builders In 2020

WordPress is one of the most trusted free website builders of all time. It is one of the easiest website building platforms available in the market.

WordPress also provides thousands of free templates to use to build your site. This will help you to customize your newly created website.

Furthermore, it includes lots of free analytics and SEO tools to make your business simple. It also helps you track your business and manage the performance of your site.

1 out of 5 websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. This is the popularity of free website builders. If you are a blogger and want to create your own blog, then WordPress is the perfect platform.

More than 30% of the websites currently running are built using WordPress. It is the most famous platform among bloggers.

WordPress.Com Highlights:

  • It is the perfect platform for blogging
  • Gives you excellent value for money
  • Free plan available with
  • Much easier to use than

Choosing the right free website builders among hundreds of companies depends on many factors. You just want a platform that will make your site beautiful as well as provide lots of features.

You want to make your site very easy without knowing the programming languages. Therefore it is always a wise decision to test all providers before making any decision.

As WordPress is very popular and is reputed among Top 10 best free website builders 2020, you can consider it.

Best Free Website Builders In 2020 provides all the important tools needed to create the website of your dreams. Creating a website has never been easier. Just drag and drop your requirements to create a site.

what do you get:

  • Custom domain name
  • Customization template
  • Professional email address
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Free hosting
  • Customer support

Follow three simple steps to build your website:-

  • Choose a template: Select any available template according to your requirement, one of hundreds available designs. They are easy to customize.
  • Choose a domain: It is better to choose a custom domain for your new website as it is going to be your brand name in the future. So choose your domain name wisely.
  • Publish your website: After doing all the above two steps, you are ready to publish your new site. Just publish it and work hard to make your brand famous.

Features of SiteBuilder.Com:

You will get a professional domain with an annual plan. Choose from thousands of amazing templates to create your dream website. All templates are easy to customize.

Create your custom email address that reflects your brand name. For example [email protected] It looks professional and helps you increase your brand value.

Using Analytics to track your audience. This will help you increase traffic to your site and increase user engagement.

If you are interested in creating an e-commerce website, it is possible here too. Add a store to your blog or website and start selling your product. You will get an amazing result.

Also, add a blog to your website to attract your visitors. So that they will be updated.

It is also one of the best if you are looking for Top 10 best free website builders 2020. Please read all the terms and conditions before making any decision.

Best Free Website Builders In 2020 is also a platform to create a professional website. Anything is possible if you choose the right website builder.

It does not matter whether you are a new blogger or a professional who has a lot of experience. Wix has all the tools needed to build a pro site.

On you have two options for creating a website. To build your site, either choose Wix Artificial Intelligence or you can use their free website builders’ tools.

Also, if you need to add advanced functionality to your website, all is possible with Wix code. So why wait, create your dream site now.

All features of Wix Editor:

On you can start with Basic or choose from over 500 pre-included templates. Creating a website in Wix is ​​very easy with the world’s most innovative drag and drop free website builders. Any type of website you want.

  • Stunning Templates: You have the option to choose from over 500 stunning templates for every type of website.
  • Total Design Freedom: Use drag and drop technology to make your site much easier.
  • Industry-Leading SEO: Use the already included premium SEO tools to rank higher on Google.
  • Mobile Optimized: Purely mobile optimized for any type of website.
  • App Market: Manage your business with powerful apps distributed by wix.
  • Advanced design features: Include animations, images, backgrounds and videos on your site to make it more attractive.
  • Unlimited Fonts: More than 100 fonts are available to use for your site.
  • Scroll Effect: Add scroll effects like parallax, reveal, zoom-in or fade-in to your site and make it beautiful.
  • Media Gallery: Create a beautiful gallery to view your images, videos, texts etc.

These are the highlights of According to our research wix is ​​one of the Top 10 best free website builders 2020.

Best Free Website Builders In 2020 is one of the leaders in free website design. With this you will need any kind of website. Squarespace is one of the best places to build your dream project.

What makes so special?

  • Award winning design: It contains a large number of award winning templates to use on your site. You can also create your own professional website, portfolio or e-commerce site.
  • Customizable Layout: Just drag and drop images on your site, and easily move, add, and delete sections of a page. You can make your website unique with customizable settings, which already include fonts, amazing colors, and page configuration settings.
  • Mobile-Customized Design: The templates provided by are ready to work for all devices, so you only have to design your website once. They also give you a platform to test and preview how your website will look in the screen size category. Instant mobile pages are presets so that Google content can be loaded quickly on mobile.
  • Designer Website Template: A group of web designers create and design their own award-winning, all-in-one templates. They take care of every detail so that their templates set industry standards.

Flexible features for every idea:-

You can add a portfolio to showcase your work. In addition, create an online store to sell your products or services. You can also create a blog to share your thoughts and more.

  1. Powerful website integration: Every template on comes with built-in integration, so you don’t need to install an app, marketplace, or any plugin. They provide many integrations including Getty Images, Unplash, Eventbright, Discus, PayPal, OpenTable, Google Maps, and more.
  2. Expert Customer Care: You will receive 24/7 customer support from their executive. Also, get live chat and email support.

So if you want to build a website and search for Top 10 best free website builders 2020, this is one of them.


Best Free Website Builders In 2020

Using Yola you can create an amazing website that looks great on every device. Yola gives you all the important tools to manage your website.

Yola Features:-

  • Easy to use: You do not need any technical knowledge to use Yola. You can create stunning websites using Yola’s easy drag and drop functionality. Everything you need from Yola is at your fingertips.
  • Powerful and flexible: If you are an advanced user, you can easily edit images online, as well as add HTML, JavaScript, and sitewide CSS to your site. Yola gives you complete control of your website.
  • Optimize your site: There are hundreds of professionally designed and fully customizable styles available for your site. Just add your photos, videos, maps, forms and make it yours.

You have to start with a free website using Yola. After that selection, the premium features you need to grow your business. Yola allows you to manage your domain, hosting, email, online store.

Premium Features by Yola:- 

  • Website reporting
  • custom domain
  • 24/7 customer support

Therefore Yola is also one of best free website builders 2020 currently available in the market. Before choosing any other website builder, have a look at Yola.


Best Free Website Builders In 2020

You can create an amazing website with the help of WebNode Free Website Builders in a few minutes. Currently more than 30 million users are using webnodes to build their websites.

WebNode is currently one of the best and free and easy-to-use website builders available on the market. You can build your website in just 5 minutes.

It gives you beautiful design for your website. As a result, your website looks beautiful and mobile friendly.

WebNode Features:- 

There are many amazing features provided by the webnode. Some of these are:

  • Edit in seconds: You can customize and design your website content in very less time. There is no limit to expressing your creativity.
  • Business or Personal: If you need to create a website for your business then this is the best platform. In addition, you can start your own blog or create and share your portfolio online.
  • Online store: If you are looking for an e-commerce website then this is the best place. WebNode has only minutes to open an online store. Just signup, create your site, add products and start selling.
  • Mobile Ready: WebNode will give you a beautiful website to use everywhere. Also, it will look great on tablets and mobile phones as it is fully responsive.
  • Customer Support: In webnode, you will get 24/7 customer support. Online chat support and email support are also available to you.

If you need some amazing Top 10 best free website builders 2020 you can consider webnode. They will never disappoint you.

Best Free Website Builders In 2020

It is very easy to create your free website and online store using and it is completed in few minutes. provides you with stunning web templates and very new drag-and-drop free website builders to build your website in minutes. it gives you:

  • Free web hosting
  • Domain name for free
  • E-commerce website
  • Free drag and drop website builder
  • Key Features of provides you with many features. You can use them to create your business website or personal blog.

  • Easy to use: You can easily add product features, pictures and descriptions to your website. This will make it easier to find your products.
  • Flexible Product Options: In addition, you can add options like size and colors for your products to your website. Set different prices for each product on your website.
  • 1-Click PayPal Integration: If your business is spread worldwide, accept orders and credit card payments using PayPal. PayPal is the best and secure payment gateway for online transactions.
  • Connect a custom domain: You can add a custom domain to your site to make your brand different and easy to remember. This will only be possible by adding a unique domain to your site.
  • Smart SEO tool: You can optimize your web pages by giving meta keywords and description which helps on SEO. Add title tags to your posts and full text to your images to improve on-page SEO.
  • Mobile Optimized Pages: gives you all mobile responsive templates so that your website runs smoothly on any device. All your sites are fully optimized. is one of the Top 10 best free website builders 2020 in the market. Compare all providers before making any decision.


Best Free Website Builders In 2020

Creating your professional website with Sitey is completely free. It gives you free and simple website builders to design your dream site.

Just select an already included template and start building your website. Sitey will give you all the necessary tools needed to create the website of your dreams.

You can drag-and-drop your site content and required images into your template and build your dream website.

Site features:- 

Sitey offers many premium features such as:

  • 100s of Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Custom Domains
  • Google Friendly
  • Built for Mobile
  • Set Up a Shop
  • Reliable Hosting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Integration
  • Image Library
  • Keep a Blog

You can also use web hosting provided by Sitey. It is very fast, safe and reliable. The site so far is one of the 10 best free website builders 2020. you can use it.

Read More:

Final words

In today’s article, we have discussed Top 10 best free website builders 2020. We hope you liked this article. We covered all the important factors to consider before choosing free website builders.

We have gone through some valuable suggestions Top 10 best free website builders 2020. If you still have any doubts about Top 10 best free website builders 2020, you can ask us by commenting below. We will definitely help you to clear all your doubts.

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